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Understanding European Culture

Teacher: Kristof Kristiansen          Lessons: 4 /week

European culture has been and continues to be a significant force in the global society and continously influences other cultures. An understanding of recent developments in Euro-culture is valuable in determining the extent to which our views of the world and ourselves has been and is shaped by cultural currents emanating from Europe. The aim of this class is to try to facilitate such an understanding and to give a bird’s-eye view of major trends in the last 150 years of European culture.

For the past 150 years intellectuals in Europe have tried to come to terms with a dominating sense of alienation and absurdity of life. The class focuses on an analysis and interpretation of selected works from European culture since the middle of the 19th century in philosophy, painting, music, film and design. To what degree are these relics of the past still contributing elements in our life today? Can we still find pleasure or gain knowledge from our ancestors’ artistic attempts to describe or explain the fundamental questions of human existence?

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