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The Human Experience

Teacher: Felicity Markdal     Lessons: 4 / week

It is often easy to point out what is wrong with the world, and it is often something human made, such as war, pollution, or violence, to name only a few examples.

In this class we will explore how the world was made, what are, for example, our responsibilities, wishes, desires, duties, and constrains in this world. In other words what is it we should and should not do, and how did we come to those decisions.

Furthermore, we will explore what do we think they should be in order to make the world of the future a better one for everyone, and everything.

Who knows we might even find the meaning of life, although maybe we should listen to Reinhard Niebuhr:

‘every time I find the meaning of life, they change it’

The course will be about exploring what it is to be human through the big ideas proposed by the big thinkers and recorders of history (historians), but also through our own opinions and thoughts.

We will also aim to explore not only the species in general but ourselves as individuals. Which ingredients, thoughts and histories went in to making us the people we are today.

The areas we will look at are:

-       A Brief Human History- a quick look through the major highlights of human history- how we came to be the way we are today- including a look at ancient civilisations and how they formed the way we do things today

-       The Political Animal- especially looking at the phenomenon of participation, what are our responsibilities and how do we organize ourselves

-       The Social Animal- especially looking at ethics and tolerance, how do we interact with one another in the best way possible

-       The Spiritual Animal- looking with focus at what do we believe in and why

-       The Future Animal- exploring whether we have the best approach, are we too Anthropocentric (people centered) do we have a view for Sustainable Development?

This class will be based on discussion, and involvement, I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts.

International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61