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Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.52.57“Storytelling:  is the conveying of events in words, and images, often by improvisationor embellishment.”

Teacher: Felicity Markdal

Lessons: 4/week

Course Description:

When you think of storytelling, maybe you see a cosy bed with a parent lovingly acting out a scene from Peter Pan, or perhaps a campfire where ghost stories are shared to terrified squeals and nervous giggles. Yet in almost every instance I expect that you probably think of stories as something detached from reality, and firmly attached in the time of childhood.

Yet stories are much more than fairy-tales, stories form the basis of our understanding of ourselves, our surroundings, our culture, our world and our history. If Adam never gave his rib to make Eve would we know what Christianity is, if Sir Isaac Newton’s Apple never fell would we know about Gravity, if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t been a drunk student looking to impress his friends would we have Facebook.

Stories are the glue that keeps us together, the substance of our past and the hope and possibility for our future.


  • Learn the history and art of story-telling
  • Host a number of Living Library Events


In this course we will explore the phenomenon of the story, seeking to understand why it constitutes the bedrock of human society and how. Amongst other themes we will look at:

  • And on the 7th day there was a story: The origin of the story and how it literally makes history happen, i.e. if there were no stories there would be no history.
  • The Story and the Brain: The format of the story and how our brain is wired to understand, remember and pass it on. Stories are ironically the forgotten part in the story of human evolution.
  • A story by any other name would smell as sweet: Studying the format and structure and themes of stories, the Beginning, Middle and End.
  • Holmes and Moriarty: The story and our understanding of ethics and morality, the themes and characters that inspire and teach us.
  • The Great Storytellers: Looking at the stories that transcend borders and generations and why?
  • Stories, Stories Everywhere….: Finding the story in everything, an exploration of inspiration, ourselves and the world around us through creating and analysing stories of our choosing.
  • Digital Stories: The stories of now and the future, how stories work in the Media, Business and Online.
  • Living Library: the finding and developing of human books. This means that you will observe, find and coach individuals in our community to tell their stories. You will learn the skills of deep listening, personal coaching, as well as using your creativity and writing skills to determine titles and descriptions for the books on offer.
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