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Professional English Skills

Teacher: Ewelina Jurkiewicz    Lessons: 4/week

Regardless of where we come from, we are surrounded by English in our everyday lives as well as in more formal, business situations. This course is designed to help students deal with those situations.


To be able to participate in business situations in English.

To learn about English language culture (small talk, pausing, etc.)

To learn the vocabulary necessary for active participation (written and spoken)

To overcome the fear of speaking English in public.


1/ Socialising: introductions and networking

Role-play: making appointments / planning events

Writing: reporting


2/ Social English

Role-play: small talk / the culture of asking questions

Writing: invitations


3/ Taking part in meetings

Role-play: making suggestions / giving opinions

Writing: taking notes


4/ Making announcements

Role-play: giving the announcement / discussion response

Writing: announcement


5/ Managing meetings / groups

Role-play: setting objectives / dealing with interruptions

Writing: summary / brief


6/ Starting and structuring a presentation

Role-play: introducing the topic / giving a plan of your talk / inviting questions

Writing: drafting a plan for a presentation


7/Giving a presentation

Role-play: referring to visuals / dealing with figures / closing

Writing: rating performences


8/ Giving feedback

Role-play: giving positive / negative feedback

Writing: informal e-mail


9/ Discussions

Role-play: considering options/ giving your own opinion/ apologizing


10/ Solving problems

Role-play: giving advice / reactions to suggestions

Writing: pros and cons table


11/ Negotiating

Role-play: giving bad news / speculating / expressing disappointment

Writing: formal e-mail


12/ Writing a CV

Role-play: job interview

Writing: CV


Role-plays, hand-outs, listening, performances (e.g.giving presentations), discussions, audio materials.


International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61