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Peace & Conflict Studies

Peace & Conflict Picture“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Mahatma Ghandi (Peace activist)

Teacher: Felicity Markdal          Lessons: 4 /week

Peace & Conflict are integral parts of human history and two phenomena that continue to intrigue, inspire and confuse us all. Since the beginning of time man has questioned why conflicts continue to arise and why peace can sometimes be very hard to achieve; whilst at the same time continue to engage in both.

This course will therefore take us on a journey through some of the events that cause these questions. Aiming. through exploration of examples of peace and conflict, to better understand what these two concepts are in a historical, academic and real sense.

The course is designed to give a taste of the many different faces of both peace and conflict, we will therefore cover quite a range of areas, including:

Gender and conflict – What is the role of women in conflict and the aftermath
Child soldiers
The changing face of war from the Roman empire to the Twin Towers – When is a war actually a war?
Ghandi and non-violence – Assertiveness without violence – how did it start and evolve?
The history of peacekeeping – Do no harm, or do some good?
The UN – Keeping the peace or keeping the Status Quo? A critical look at the organisation and its role in Peace & Conflict.
The warrior – Who is he? What does he look like? Exploring warrior figures from across the world and time.
Symbols and rituals of peace – What do they mean? Do they work?
Peace & Conflict in the media – Fairly represented or not?
Conflict simulation – A role play exercise to experience hos institutions like the EU and UN resolve conflicts.

We will look at the above topics thorough specific example which may be historical or contemporal.

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