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Middle East Studies

Teacher: Mahdis Azarmandi          Lessons: 4 /week

For students to understand the current Middle East conflict and to make up their own minds, it is important that they are introduced to some of the historical context and current events to be able to understand the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The course selects several topics and countries to provide a focus for understanding the historical forces that drive the present states in the region.

The course will pay special attention to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran and the role of the so-called West in current political dynamics. In recent years, a significant international debate has emerged as to whether the state of Israel is violating basic international law and human rights, being compared to the former apartheid regime in South Africa. This has been controversial, and has raised discussions around the world.

In order to fully understand the current trends, the course opens with discourses on orientalism and Huntingtons “Clash of Civilizations“, which often denotes how the Middle East is framed within Western media and politics, however the main focus will be on current politics and culture in the Middle East.

Amongst other things the course will examine:
Orientalism – What is it? How the “West” sees and constructs the “East”
“Clash of Civilizations?” – What’s behind the current crisis between US/Europe and the Middle East

-  History of Israel/Palestine
-  Stories from the Ground: Stories from Israeli& Palestinian 
-  Behind the Occupation: FACTS&FIGURES – Obstacles to Peace
-  Social and non-violent movents in Israel / Palestine

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