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Life & The City

 Picture Life & The City

“This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are”

Plato (Philosopher)


Teacher: Angel L. Vidal-Alonso          Lessons: 4 /week

Learning objectives
To equip the students to be able to understand, analyze and discuss:

  • The on-going process of urbanization at international level and the impact of urbanization in our daily life.
  • How cities work in different countries and contexts, which services they provide to citizens, enterprises and institutions and which function they have in social, economic, political and cultural life.
  • The importance of citizens’ participation in the development and consolidation of sustainable and inclusive cities.
  • The importance of thinking global and acting local

We will discuss the evolution of cities in Europe and other continents as well as the increasing process of urbanization worldwide.

We will map, analyze and discuss the functions and services provided by cities to people in different continents, countries, cultures and political systems

We will analyze and discuss different approaches to citizens’ participation in city life at different levels and fields.

We will analyze and discuss core issues related to local governance, sustainability of cities, multiculturalism and social inclusion.

Learning methods
The learning methods will include some theoretical aspects but mainly analysis of real life situations (including field trips), simulations, role-plays, games, discussions, research and project development.

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