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Latin American Culture

Picture Latin American Studies“Las naciones marchan hacia su grandeza al mismo paso que avanza su educación.”

Simón Bolivar (Liberator)

Teacher: Juan Carlos Alburquerque / Andreas Kopp          Lessons: 4 /week

Since Christopher Columbus’ discovery in 1492, the inhabitants of the newly “discovered” world have faced the same basic problem, living in a land rich in resources without enjoying fully the fruits of it.  Today as before the wealth of that part of the world finds its final destination in the rich countries of the world, obliging Latin America to live forgotten in 500 years of solitude.

In this course you will come to understand the historical forces which have given shape to today’s prevalent situation in most countries of the subcontinent. But you will also be given a chance to embark on an experiential “voyage” through different forms of art and cultural expressions from around the subcontinent.

We will study the past and present of Latin American society and culture.  Special emphasis is given to the modern states vis-à-vis indigenous traditions. Indian-White-Mestizo blends of art and world views are also being analyzed.

The course begins with a theoretical part where we learn the basic facts and ideas through films, slide shows, readings and round table debates.  This is followed by an active part:  the design, development and implementation of projects where we put into movement the findings of the first part.

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