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Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 14.06.34“Journalism is in fact history on the run” (Thomas Griffith)

Teacher: Jannie Pallesen      Lessons: 4/week

Do you know how to write articles? Or to make TV news or press photos? No. Then join the class of journalism. This class focuses on the methodology of journalism in democratic countries, since journalism is essential for these to function. Because of that there are certain expectations to the journalists – they can’t lie, they can’t be influenced, they can’t be bought! In this class we discuss and practice the role of the journalist over and over again.

‘Journalism’ will consist of a lot of practical exercises. You will write articles, make TV interviews, and take press photos. But in this class it is the content that matters and not the visual knowhow! We will NOT spend time learning about how to capture the light best with a DSLR and such. The point is to learn how to portray journalism, not to make spectacular. As a journalist you are always on the run – you are always on a deadline. If you join this class you will become one of the IPC journalists, having almost weekly deadlines. You will be busy, and you will have fun!

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