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International Relations, Politics & Organizations

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 14.17.23Teacher: Angel L. Vidal-Alonso          Lessons: 4 /week




Learning objectives

  • To introduce students to the key international organizations, mainly the United Nations System and its Specialized Agencies, Funds & Programmes
  • To be able to understand and analyze the role of international politics and diplomacy in a globalized and interconnected world.


The class will focus on understanding, analyzing and discussing the way the United Nations System works, not only in general aspects of international politics, policies and norms, but also in relation to specific issues that affect our daily life:

from security and peacebuilding, to refugees, poverty, health, workers rights, migration, food, agriculture, environment, etc.

We will discuss and analyze with a critical approach the 15 Specialized Agencies of the UN System and its 13 Programmes and Funds.

We will discuss the role that international politics and diplomacy plays in the UN decision-making processes.

We will pay special attention to the UN System role in support to development through international legislation, policies and projects.

Learning methods

The learning methods will include lectures, group work and research, class discussions, role-plays, etc.

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