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Indigenous Peoples

Teacher: Andreas Kopp          Lessons: 4 /week

Natives in all parts of the world live in ways that are different from the lifestyle in the dominating western consumerist culture. Their values and ways of thinking are often different from ours and the central questions is, if we can learn something from their ways of life? The objective of the course is that the students get a deeper and more detailed understanding of the ways of life of indigenous peoples and of the challenges they are facing in their daily struggle to survive. The students will get knowledge about how the intrusion of the dominating western culture has affected native groups in different parts of the world and study the conditions under which different indigenous peoples live today.

The course starts off by studying the indigenous people that was colonized by Denmark: The Inuit (Eskimos) of Greenland. A second part will focus on the indigenous peoples of the Americas, from North American Indians to tribes that today still live totally isolated from the outside world in the Amazon rainforest. A third part will give all students the opportunity to immerse them selves in individually chosen subjects. On top of that there will among other things be discussions on how to define an indigenous people and we will make a thorough examination of what is going on in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII).

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