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Campaigning for Human Rights

Lessons: 4 / Week       Teacher: Emmanuel Kamwi

Course Aim:

Through this course, students shall deepen their understanding of human rights and acquire knowledge on how human rights NGOs campaign to defend and protect human rights across the globe as well as gain skills on how to organize a human rights focused campaign.


  • Lectures, group discussions, student presentations, guest speakers and showing of documentaries on human rights.
  • Students shall be given an opportunity to visit Human Rights organizations based in Denmark and selected Human Rights activists shall be requested to make a presentation in class.
  • Use of social media to map out human rights issues across the globe and to post students’ views on topical human rights issues (in particular during United Nations Days with a human rights theme).

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students shall acquire a deepened knowledge on Human Rights
  • Students shall gain knowledge on the work of human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Save the Children, Human Rights Watch, United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), e.t.c
  • Students shall gain skills on how to organize a human rights campaign.
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