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Teacher: Sasha Skrypnyk          Lessons: 4 /week

Facilitation is used to help a group of people move from point A to point B, for example, in reaching a decision, coming up with an idea, or solving a problem in a participatory way.

This class serves as an introduction to facilitation techniques, and students get a hands-on experience in facilitating.

Specifically, the students will understand the role of the facilitator; be able to develop participatory groups; Learn different group processes; practice basic facilitation skills and facilitation techniques.

Defining facilitation. Asking versus telling. Content versus Process. Participatory groups.

Basic Skills: active listening; note-taking; questioning.

Group Development Stages. How do groups develop and what should facilitator do to support them?

Divergent Thinking. Brainstorming and its controversy. Alternative methods for idea generation. Effective meetings.

Holding a Discussion. What are the simple ways of holding a discussion? ORID method.

“Groan Zone” & Difficult Group Dynamics.

Convergent Thinking. How to help groups make decisions? Dot-Voting <Dotmocracy>, Prioritizing, Categorizing.

World Cafe and Open Space Technology.

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