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Ethics in a Globalised World

Lessons: 2 / week          Teacher: Mette Skamris

The world is an immensely complex place in terms of people, politics, cultures, ideas, world views, and religions that constantly challenge each other with answers to the question: how human beings should live in this world?

We all go through life with concepts of what is right and wrong, good and evil, and ideas of how we should live and relate to other people, things and the environment surrounding us. However, we do not always understand or even reflect on the foundation of our ideas of right and wrong conduct.

The Inquiry into these basic but immensely important questions of how human beings should live is the essence of ethics also called moral philosophy.


In the class will explore and reflect on a series of ethical dilemmas that are relevant to our lives today, for example the question of actively helping a person who wants to die ending his or hers life, technology – the use of drones, and other robots, inequality (some people having more than enough, while others are starving), the moral implications of killing (why some ways of killing are considered wrong and others right – and we will try to question the grey areas of not so easy cases), the value of a human life and the value of an animal life, truth and lies, consumption and media. The cases will be dealt with in different ways through dilemmas and discussions, role-plays, and perhaps small-scale social experiments.


We will learn different ways of investigating ethical questions and by that gain strong reflection, questioning and reasoning skills, so that we will be able to understand a complex issue from many different angels, yet trying to find out which arguments and perspectives should really guide our way of life. This perspective on understanding ethical dilemmas is also highly relevant to navigating in the world as a global citizen, to have the concepts to ask relevant ethical questions.

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