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English III (Advanced English)

Teachers: Brendan Sweeney / Rod Lee          Lessons: 4 /week

High-level English skills are much in demand in the modern world. However, even people who are very fluent in English often speak and write inaccurately, misunderstand English grammar or use inconcise or inappropriate vocabulary. This course will provide you with the confidence to use English correctly at the highest level. When you finish this course you will be able to write and speak English at a level which will allow you to perform in a wide range of academic, business and social contexts.

In addition to advanced grammar exercises, there will be interactive oral exercises, discussions on relevant topics and lessons on use of English. Listening and comprehension skills will also be developed along with a focus on improving pronunciation/intonation and enhancing vocabulary. The course will be intensive and communicative. Instructional material will include articles and audio-visual materials that demand a high level of comprehension. Students will be encouraged to study by themselves and provide a personal input in class. Working in groups and pairs will also be an integral part of the course.

International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61