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Effective Teamwork

Teacher: Sasha Skrypnyk          Lessons: 4 /week

The class offers insights into teamwork processes, provides distinctions between groups and teams, and through learning by doing and reflection helps the students to understand the meaning of effective teamwork, as well as the areas that need to be taken care of to make working together more effective.

What is the basis of teamwork? How is teamwork theory different from teamwork practice?
Why do people collaborate? What are collaborative circles? What are historical examples of successful collaborations?
What is the meaning of effectiveness?
What are the pitfalls of teamwork? How (and why) can groupthink lead to a disaster?
What am I naturally good at when working with the others? What is my role in teams?
What are the stages of teamwork? What is a Team Performance V-Model?
What to do at different stages of teamwork to make it more effective?
Half way through the course the students are placed in small groups to work on a project during which some part of the class time is dedicated to reflection on the team processes.  Teams of students are given tools for ~ trust building; ~ negotiating shared goals of the team; ~ using conflict and disagreement in teamwork; ~ transparent task division and interdependent work.

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