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Human Rights & Active Global Citizenship

Picture Human Rights“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis”

Dante Alighieri (Author)

Teacher: Emmanuel Kamwi         Lessons: 4 /week

What is human rights? How come we talk about human rights violations all the time, and are human rights in fact universal? This class will offer you insight into the history and nature of human rights, as well as it’s applicability on a wide range of topics, from human trafficking to global warming. The course also addresses the idea of an Active Global Citizenship. Global Citizenship really has become the flavour of the day in the early 21st century. During the last 10 years an increasingly persistent effort has been put into bringing the issues connected with the idea of a global citizenship on the agenda: Global economical awareness, eradication of inequality in all its forms, shapes and sizes, seizing the chance to combat global ecological disasters, etc. This course also aims to make you understand the origin of the interest in global citizenship, from a human rights perspective, as well as offer you knowledge and ways of becoming one.

Human rights are not just something that is written in a declaration. Behind every human rights violation there is a tragic story of human suffering. We will assess the nature of violations, come to a deeper understanding of the structure of the human rights and hopefully understand the extent of the problems.

You will also get a critical introduction to the major intergovernmental organizations spearheading the human rights and active global citizenship movements, as well as a brief look at the vast number of non-governmental organizations (the so-called NGO’s), that in one way or the other contribute to the distribution of various interpretations of Active Global Citizenship, whether it is on human rights (Amnesty International), regarding environmental issues (Greenpeace) or by means of combatting poverty through global, regional and youth empowerment (ActionAid International). We will also look at individuals who have had a massive influence on the distribution and popularization, for good and worse,  of global citizenship.

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