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Creative Writing

Creative Writing PictureWriting and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.

Ernest Hemmingway (Writer)

Teacher: Gertrud Tinning         Lessons: 4 /week

This course is based on the idea that powerful writing is NOT about good spelling and grammar, but about expressing ourselves openly and freely. What blocks creative writing is often our fear, and internal editors – voices that have silenced us in saying what we really feel and think. Each and every one of us is a writer – it’s just about tapping into our unique voice.

The first part of the course takes students through different exercises to free creativity in writing. We will use free writing, listening and looking exercises to explore different ways of expressing ourselves. We will also use other creative methods such as music, and art in our practice.

In the second part of the course we will each work on a piece of writing of our choice – anything from poetry to a story or an article. We will give each other feedback on our writing through a very kind method based on responding from our experiences as readers as opposed to telling each other what should be different. Lastly we will produce a magazine of our writing that we can share with others.

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