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Picture ChoirIt is my belief that everything you need to know about the world can be learned in a church choir.

Connie Willis (Author)

Teacher: Søren Launbjerg          Lessons: 4 /week


Singing in a choir is great fun but also requires concentration and often a little patience as well! Singing in a choir also means more consciousness about how to use the voice – not only when you are singing but also in your daily life. My keywords for the choir are dynamics, sound and rhythmic feeling.


To build a set for all kinds of concerts and performance nights at IPC.


Most of the songs that we sing are arrangements for rhythmic choir – pop – rock . They can be songs by Beatles, Abba, Coldplay and maybe some Danish songs (in English). We might borrow some material from the musical theatre or whatever we feel like singing. Furthermore we will sing some of my own arrangements of contemporary pop and rock music.


In the beginning we sing some very simple songs. You don’t need any music reading skills to participate. I introduce some basic music knowledge items along the way. Warm up exercises and basic information about – and training in – the use of the voice is an important part of the classes. We divide the choir into the four voices: sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. I check if some of the students are able to sing solo. As the Term progresses, the songs become more advanced. We might collaborate with some of the choirs in the local area and maybe attend some of the numerous music events in Helsingør.


International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61