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African Studies

Picture African Studies

Teacher: Emmanuel Kamwi          Lessons: 4 /week




The aim of the course is to provide students with a cross range of knowledge and insights on Africa. In addition to covering topics such as African customs, African films, African cooking, politics, conflicts and economy, special attention will be paid to emerging events in Africa as covered in the media.


Throughout the course period, Students shall be encouraged to follow the media (including social media) for African news stories so as to discuss the stories in class. On certain topics, African experts or diplomats based in Denmark shall be invited to make presentations on certain topics of the course; such presentations shall be aimed providing an opportunity for students to interact with Africans directly linked to the topic in class.

Day-to-day teaching shall be through teacher presentations, group discussions and student presentations.

Other topics to be covered during the course shall include; African customs, human rights in Africa, effects of climate change in Africa, peace-building initiatives in Africa.

African films shall be shown in class to show case African movie industry.

Learning Outcome:

It is envisaged that by participating in this course, students shall broaden their understanding on Africa, develop an interest to pursue further studies related to Africa or be motivated to support humanitarian or developmental related activities in Africa.

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