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African Drum and Dance

Picture African Drum and Dance“I would believe only in a God who knows how to dance”

Friedrich Nietszche (Philosopher)

Teacher: Selassie Deworny          Lessons: 2 /week

African Drum and Dance is not just a mere musical and dancing happily around, it is also that, but more importantly it is an audiovisual and bodily expression of emotion, a recitation of history and a great celebration of history, tradition and value for all who participates. If you come to understand some of all of this by reciting the words, by moving and drumming the rhythm, then you will have come a long way.

You will learn key dances, basic drumming and have fun!

International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61