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Subjects & Classes

Students create their own schedule from a curriculum with more than 30 different subjects, even the spare time at IPC is a platform for learning as we believe that eating, laughing, and living with people from different cultures is a unique way of reaching international competence. The education at IPC is structured but it does not involve any exams or grades. The motivation to learn must come from within and should be based on personal interest and responsibility. The general belief at IPC is that it is important to have fun in order to learn effectively!

All classes are taught in English and have both global and regional focus through personal development, professional skills, communication, and creativity. Learning at IPC is meant to challenge, stimulate, and educate you – not only will you discover what you are good at but also what makes you happy. You learn how to use your unique skills in the best way possible. At IPC we believe that knowledge is many things and that it is acquired in many different ways. This is reflected in the offering of a vide selection of classes ranging from having an academic focus to a practical one. Every student must reach a minimum of 28 lessons a week – but trust us, the biggest problem will be which ones to eliminate.

Classes Offered

We have divided our classes into three categories defined by the content and overall aim of the subject: Global Challenges, Global Life & Living, and Global Tools 4 Change. You do not have to choose all subjects from one category or a specific number of subjects from a given category – you are totally free to pick and choose! The subjects vary according to the current teachers and the wishes of the students. Get an overall overview here:


Global Challenges

Current Affairs
Learn how to analyze and critically evaluate news.

Conflict Resolution
Want to be a cool conflict solver?

Development Management
Become an entrepreneur! Learn how to manage projects and work in organizations.

Environmental Studies
Students will be introduced to the concept of “sustainability” and examine different approaches to nature.

Global Challenges
Globalization is changing economics and politics around the world. Learn about the possibilities and obstacles.

Global Democracies and Citizenship
Learn the concepts and challenges in getting a worldwide democratic dialogue and active global citizenship going.

International Relations, Politics & Organizations
Understand, analyse and discuss the way the United Nations System works.

Peace and Conflict Studies
This class offers a journey through the worlds best example of peace and conflict – understand and learn!

Political Philosophy
Everything is political!! Analyze and discuss politics.

Global Life & Living

African Drum and Dance
Be prepared to sweat, when taught by Sellasi from Ghana!

African Studies
Have a look at the stories that are told about Africa and explore how these work to create a picture of Africa.

Arts and Crafts
Express yourself through the making of art.

Band Playing
Music unites people despite differences in age, culture, gender etc. Come and play with us!

Learn to use your voice in the best way possible, while singing popular pop and rock songs.

Cultural Heritage
Heritage is a good thing… but what is it good for?

Exploring Denmark
Learn about Denmark and the weird Danes!

Danish Language 1, Danish Language 2
Be introduced to, speak and understand Danish language in different levels.

Design and Architecture
Understanding architecture and design opens up a world of sensual experiences

Increase your awareness of physical, emotional and verbal expressions.

English Language 1, English Language 2, English Language 3
Be confident when you speak and write in English.

Professional English Skills
Be able to participate in business situations in English

Campaigning for Human Rights
Understand human rights and learn how to campaign for human rights!

Food and Nature
Introduction to Permaculture and Sustainable Gardening

Outdoor and Teambuilding
Hiking, swimming, treasure hunting, bicycling, cooking on bonfires, and night activities such as hiking in the dark and watching stars

Middle East Studies
The arab world, art, music, movies, heritage, culture.

Understanding Europe
Be able to appreciate and understand the fascinating diversity of the European Culture.

US Studies
The Us Culture & Democracy in the light of the presidential race 2016

Work out!
Develop your physical shape and get a sweat on!

Gender and Sexuality
Let’s talk about sex, baby! Get a broader understanding about the labels we place on people and why.

People Movement & Migration
Learn about how people have been on the move in decades and how it changes the world.

Religion & Culture
Why is religion still the major contributor to conflict around the World (or is it?) Find out!

Team sports like floor-ball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee etc. is offered in this class – but also discussions about healthy lifestyles and diets

100 Years of Music Revolutions
Understand how music have influenced our societies and changed the way people dress, talk, think, act, and relate to each other through time

Global Tools 4 Change

Creative Writing
Express yourself through writing in different creative ways

Critical Education & Democracy
Introduction to the theory and practice of critical education as a tool for promoting democracy

Intercultural Communication
Understand diversity and the challenges around it, and improve your communicative skills

Great ideas need geniuses behind them, right? Well, ….. maybe not…..

Life & The City
Discuss urbanization and the consequences it has in our daily lives, while you learn how to participate in the development of sustainable cities

Learn about your culture through the art of storytelling, while you develop coaching skills

Material Culture
Join this class to investigate the ‘social life of things’ (Appadurai 1986)

Movie Making
Tell stories – movie making is one of the best tools!

Take photos and lean the basics of Photo Shop to tweak them as you want

The Human Experience
How can we make the world of the future a better one for everyone, and everything?

Path to Inner Peace
In this class you will explore different techniques to help balance and stabilise your body, mind, and emotions

Sustainable Gardening
Permaculture and biodiversity is in focus – practise in our permacultre garden at IPC!

World Cinema
Analyze movies from different cultures, and get an understanding of how cinema is influencing the world

Stretch, sweat, and get your pulses racing – while you discuss some of the issues and topics that might assist you in becoming a more balanced person.



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