Study Trips

An integral part of the experience at IPC is the opportunity to break the daily routines, change perspective, and focus on something entirely different. During both spring and autumn we offer a two-week study trip option halfway through the term. The trips varies according to the current students and teachers, but underneath you can get an insight in the usual study trips of the year. The cost of the trip is not included in the tuition fee and varies depending on the destination (click the banners for more info). We also offer you an amazing alternative taking place at IPC if you prefer to experience more of Denmark!

In Spring Term 2017 we offer the following four options for the alternative weeks (note that some of the activities require additional cost).

Nordic Trip: Travel in Denmark and Sweden. Cost: 3.500 DKK

Travel in Columbia.  Cost: 11.000 DKK

Tour around Central Europe. Cost 5.000 DKK

Hiking in Denmark. Cost 1.000 DKK

Stay at IPC where we will arrange three optional courses. Cost: Free

- Documentary Photography

- Arts & Crafts

Underneath you find the usual options for study trips at IPC:

The trip to Ghana enables you to explore change in action – if your interests are environmental or development studies, or you just need another adventure in great company don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to get connected to local organizations and individuals – some of which are former IPC students and teachers.

Price: Approx. 9900 DKK – Please note that payment for the trip is in addition to the regular tuition fee and includes plane tickets, accommodation, meals, basic travel insurance, travelling in Ghana and various entry fees. It does however NOT INCLUDE: Vaccinations required when entering Ghana, Malaria Tablets, etc.



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The second study trip we offer during the spring is a tour of Central Europe and its major cities – with some variation we visit Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest or Warsaw and typically focus on themes such as the rise and fall of totalitarian regimes, economic change, and transition to democracy. This study trip gives a general insight in European culture and history – and it is of course a lot of fun!

Price: approx. 4200 DKK. Please note that payment for the trip is in addition to the regular tuition fee, and includes plane tickets, accomodation, meals, train tickets, basic travel insurance, and entry fees for museums.


London Baby!
Travelling to London means experiencing one of Europe’s greatest capital cities – there really is something for every taste. Few cities are as intercultural as London.

The trip focuses on human rights, media, and city life. We will visit Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, get a tour around the world renowned BBC television centre, and explore the fantastic exhibition at the British Museum, Tate Modern, and The Southbank Centre before getting lost in the streets of London in search. But don’t worry there will be plenty of time for you to explore this great metropolis on your own as well. Whatever your desires London is most likely to have it. If you are into fashion you can head down to Harrod’s or stroll along Old Bond Street. Looking for highstreet fashion? Why not ooze past the goodies on Oxford Street. If you are in for a cultural experience, then pack your camera and notebook and have a go at The Museum of Natural History, The Tower or get a glimpse of London from above on board the London Eye.

Price: approx. 3400 DKK – Please note that the payment for this trip is in addition to the regular tuition fee, and includes plane tickets, accommodation, meals, train tickets, tube cards, basic travel insurance and entry fees for museums.


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