Studying international studies in Denmark at IPC will educate you 24 hours a day seven days a week – while having fun! Some of the organized activities we offer that supports this conviction are cultural evenings, performance nights, excursions, and theme days & lectures.

Cultural Evenings

Saturday night cultural evenings have been a custom at IPC for decades. Students from a particular region or continent get a chance to present what they believe best pictures their home and their cultural background. The students arrange a night with a dinner and a show followed by a party. Cultural evenings take place six or seven times every term. Join us in celebrating diversity, colorfulness, respect, and admiration for different cultures. Expand your horizons beyond what can be found online or as a tourist!

DSC_0129Performance Nights

One of the things that will become clear to you during your stay at IPC is how much you can learn about yourself and others while drawing, playing games, taking photos, acting, making films, or singing. That is why a couple of times during our terms we arrange performance nights where everyone gets the chance to show the outcomes of what has happened during our creative and personal development classes. It’s always a fascinating show where new talents and skills are discovered and admired.


Life at IPC may feel like visiting the whole world in one place – do the outside world even matter in these few months? It does! Or at least we believe that it is important to go out and discover more about the immediate region. This is why we organize excursions and short trips that are either part of a daytime school activity for your subject or are designed for the whole school. Sometimes we also organize an excursion lasting a few days that might take you to a different part of Denmark, Sweden, or another Folk High School. We encourage our students to be active in organizing their own small bike trips on weekends and trips to Copenhagen whenever something interesting is going on there.


Theme Days & Lectures

Everyone has a passion for something! IPC as an organization has a passion for its core values, for global citizenship and for intercultural understanding. That passion is the starting point for all the learning at IPC. A few times per term you can expect that the regular timetable is cancelled and the whole school gathers to dedicate time to a topic that we find overarching and relevant for us all – be it human rights, environmental issues, media and society, or international development. Theme days can be facilitated by staff members, by students, or representatives of organizations who are experts in a particular field of interest. The school often host national and international NGOs and guest speakers who share their thoughts and research.

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