The main focus at International People’s College lies in the cultural education, cultural meeting, and global development – the education of Global Citizens of the world. We translate Global Citizenship to individuals who to take an active part in the world, seek cultural understanding, and celebrate diversity around the globe. It is a state of mind; a way of discovering your own potential. A stay at IPC provides the student with excellent skills in cultural communications and with an international know how – something the industries are asking for more than ever. At IPC you meet the world, which enables you to find your own place in it!

The yearly schedule at IPC is divided into two terms – one in spring (24 weeks), the other in autumn (18 weeks). It is also possible to attend half a term – read more about the possibilities under Dates & prices. The group of students changes every spring and autumn – there are usually 90-100 students coming from around 30 different countries and on average they are in their early twenties. Their motivation for joining IPC varies a lot. Some come because of an interest in international society and culture, others want to improve their language skills, others again are keen on discovering more about developmental and NGO work or want to develop certain personal and professional skills. Read more about what former students say about cultural education and their stay at IPC here.

Just like there is no stereotypical IPC student, there is not only one way you can spend your time at IPC. The subjects and classes at IPC vary a lot and the students can pick and choose for themselves.


Term photo autumn 2016

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