Summer School in Denmark

International People’s College offer two language courses every summer and have done so for many years now. We offer excellent courses on different levels, from beginners to advanced, that includes a broad range of activities, workshops, lectures and excursions, all connected with language skills and its applicability in a broader societal and social context, not to mention all the social activities taking place outside of class.

The language courses on offer are (click the flags for even more information):

Danish Flag smallDanish Language, Culture & Society

Danish is not any more difficult than any other language out there! That does not mean that it is easy, by no means, but we promise that upon the completion of the 3-weeks Danish Language, Culture & Society course, at International People’s College, you will have received invaluable knowledge of the structure of the Danish Language as well as a rare insight into the secrets of the Danish society, its welfare state and insane fascination of simple, yet quite amazing and world renowned, architecture and design.


British Flag SmallEnglish Language & Danish Society and Culture

We live in a world where it is becoming increasingly more difficult to communicate across borders or even getting a job without at decent command of spoken and written English. With the addition of English Language & Danish Society and Culture to the language courses on offer at International People’s College, we now offer beginners and intermediate English speakers an opportunity to vastly improve their language skills as well as offering insights into the world of Danish Society and Culture.



You can also read our brochure about our summer courses 2018 by clicking on the picture below.

Study Danish and/or English at International People's College this summer

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