Mentor Counseling Scheme

Sometimes it can be difficult to cope with the many challenges of being a student at a gymnasium or a higher educational institution. There are many things to take into consideration. Maybe you leave home in order to enroll at a university, move into an apartment on your own or maybe the change of environment and meeting hundreds of new people is just quite simply too much. In any case we might just have what you are looking for here at The International People’s College.

In most cases, simply staying at IPC, a safe, caring and homely environment, will do the trick, but once in a while it takes a bit more of an effort – from both you and us! That’s why we offer the Mentor Counseling Scheme.

If you are a Danish Citizen, between 171/2 and 25 years, yet to complete a qualifying youth education (such as Gymnasium (STX & HF), Technical Gymnasium (HTX) or equivalent) and are enlisted with Ungdommens Uddannelsevejledning (UU), then you might benefit from the Danish Ministry of Education’s programme: “Mentor Counseling Scheme”. The purpose is to ensure that young people are granted all the rights and benefits of the educational system. If your counselor with Ungdommens Uddannelsesvejledning agrees with you that a stay at The International People’s College may enhance your chances of enrolling at AND completing a youth education, then you will have an opportunity to take advantage of the special benefits of the Mentor Counseling Scheme.

The benefits include a qualified personal counselor that will be around for you, make sure a written agreement between you, IPC and UU is made, and in close collaboration with you advice on social, academical and personal issues. You will meet with your counselor on a regular basis, and if needed the counselor will also help you with the transition from IPC to life afterwards. All counselors at the school are certified Mentor Counselors.

In order for you to be qualified for this scheme, an agreement has to be in place with your local UU counselor. If you are in doubt, then please contact us at, and we can help you with any relevant information. Also remember that in order for you to be on the Mentor Counseling Scheme you need to complete at least 12 weeks at a long course at the school (read more about the long courses here).

Are you not sure if you are eligible for the Mentor Counseling Scheme, then find your local UU-Center and councelor here.

Are you a counselor with a UU-Center and consider The International People’s College, you can download a pdf.file on our general approach to having students on the Mentor Counseling Scheme at IPC, here.

If you are a non-Danish citizen you can also benefit from the Mentor Counseling Scheme, but in this case we recommend you contact the school beforehand to get all necessary information.

Our current Mentor Counsellors are: Gertrud Tinning & Claus Staal.

Remember that the school offers regular study counseling as well.

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