Prepare for Your Stay

You are most likely going to stay with us for an extended period of time. As we congratulate you on your acceptance as a student we would like you to be as well prepared as possible for your stay with us!

When it’s time to pack your stuff – and soon your room – will be in a state of total chaos and a million questions will soar through your head; what am I to expect? What classes should I pick? The question is not “To be or not to be” but rather “to pack or not to pack”

Below you will find a list of the most essential things you will need during your stay:

For studies:
Laptop if you have one (WIFI is available everywhere at the school)
Pencils (or other utensils) + notebook (you might find it much handier than your laptop in class)


During the spring term you will arrive in the middle of the Danish winter meaning average degrees of around -10 Celsius. The rooms are kept heated at 18C, but some might find it a bit cold. Later on it will get warmer and at the end of the spring term you can expect and 16-25C. In the autumn term it will be reverse. You will arrive in fairly nice weather – you can always hope for an Indian summer – whereas come mid-September the weather is going to be windy, rainy, and colder. At the end of the autumn term you can expect snowfall and temperatures down to -15C.

Warm socks
Practical and warm shoes for walking outside
Sports clothes + shoes (we have a gym where you can play different kinds of sport we also offer a body pump class)
Warm jacket (preferably with a hood of some kind)
Water resistant coat (remember that it often rains in Denmark)
Water resistant shoes
Scarf + hat might come in handy
Swimsuit (there is a swimming pool in Helsingør, also you might want to go swim in the sea)

Camera (if you intend to snap photos of various attractions or take photography class)
A book
A big and a small towel
A small and handy umbrella
If you are using prescription medicine remember to bring it

Be reasonable when packing, common sense is your friend! Don’t bring your entire home with you. You will most likely buy things in Denmark and will have to transport them back home with you again – although you should still remember that 4-6 months is a long time.

The IPC Vintage Store
Despite our many efforts to tell students what to bring along with them for their stay here, we always have students that have brought too much or bought more than they can carry home. These students often leave perfectly good clothes and accessories behind. We keep these things in our IPC Vintage Store where each piece can be bought for 10 DKK. You might come across a cool jacket, an extra t-shirt or a nice woolen sweater for those cold winter evenings. We always have a nice stock in the Vintage Store, we, however will not have everything you need!

All profit from the Vintage Store is donated to the Friends of IPC and used solely for scholarships at the school.


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