Living at IPC

Q: Do you have internet access at IPC?

A: If you bring your own laptop you have access to wifi that covers the entire IPC campus (including your own room). If you do not bring your laptop we have a fully equipped computer room with 5 computers that all have access to internet.

Q: What is the accomodation like at the school?

A: Upon acceptance of your application, you will be allocated a double room which you will share with another student. You can also register for a single room for an additional fee of 200 DKK extra per week (you have to indicate on your application that you would like to be accomodated in a single room). Every double room has a single room next door which means that three male or female students share a unit with a bathroom and toilet. The rooms are all functional and comfortable however those students used to 5-star accommodation might be disappointed. There is no record of students complaining about the rooms.

Q: Am I insured at the school?

A: IPC’s theft insurance does NOT cover your private articles. You should insure them yourself. IPC cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen articles so take good care of them. Your passport, tickets and other valuable belongings can and should be stored in the IPC Safe.

Q: What is your policy on alcohol?

A: In Denmark you can buy and consume light alcohol (beer and most wines) when you are 16 years old, and stronger alcohol when you are 18 years old, but The Danish Health and Medicine Authority recommends a minimal consumption of alcohol for people of all ages. See their recommendation here. At IPC we follow the general guidelines and recommendations of The Danish Health and Medicine Agency, and we do not sell or promote alcohol at the school. We do warn that excessive consumption of alcohol might lead to an issue of a general warning though, that ultimately could lead to expulsion.

Q: What is your policy on drugs?

A: Marijhuana, hashish and its derivatives are registered as narcotics under Danish law (read about it here) and any student found consuming or supplying such things will be expelled.

Q: What is the weather like in Denmark?

A: Danish weather is very unpredictable. While it might be sunny and warm in the morning, the afternoons can easliy be rainy and cold. It is almost certain though that it will be raining quite often, even during summertime, so bring sensible clothing – an umbrella or even a raincoat would be handy. If you arrive for Spring Terms then it will be cold, probably snowy as well, and not much daylight (9 hours), whereas in the end of the term, spring and summer will arrive with much more sun, a lot of daylight (18 hours) and somewhat higher temperatures. During Autumn Terms it will be the other way around!

Q: What should I bring with me to IPC?

A: That is of course an entirely private matter what you would like to bring with you while you are studying at the school. Just keep in mind that Denmark is a fairly expensive country, so bring whatever you find necessary, and do not count on finding things on the cheap in convenience stores nearby. Based on former students’ experience we have compiled this short check list of “good-to-have” things.

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