Q: The price listed on your website includes what exactly?

A: The tuition fee indicated on our website includes: Teaching, Accomodation and 3 standard, but wonderful meals a day.

Q: How do I pay the tuition fee?

A: After having sent your application and your personal essay to IPC you will receive a comfirmation from the school, if you are accepted as a student. In that connection you will be informed about how and when you are going to pay the fees. Fees are always paid prior to the term start.

Q: I’ve heard that I need a substantial deposit in a Danish Bank in order to study in Denmark?

A: No, you don’t need any deposit in a Danish Bank to be allowed to study at IPC. All you have to pay is the price of the course , a refundable deposit of 800 DKK and a 375 DKK application fee.

Q: How much does courses at IPC cost?

A: If you are interested in long courses (18-24 weeks, Spring/Autumn) click here. If you are interested in our short courses then click here and chose the appropriate course.

Q: What other costs should I expect staying at IPC?

A: There are no other direct costs connected with your stay at IPC. You do not pay any fees for textbooks or materials for your classes, but should of course count in additional pocket money. Based on the experience of former students around 750-1000 DKK per month (100-130 EURO) should cover your needs.

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit along with the tuition fee?

A: Yes! You will be required to pay 800 DKK in deposit, that will be refunded when you leave the school, unless you have made damages to your room or other IPC property.

Q: Can I get a scholarship or financial support for my stay at IPC?

A: IPC awards a small number of scholarships itself and also has contact with funding organisations. IPC can assist individual students to find suitable financial support for their stay. IPC scholarships are usually given to students from developing countries, because of their often difficult financial situation. Furthermore some support can be given students from the new EU member countries through the IU Grant Scheme. And the Danish government offers some financial support for immigrants or new Danes to promote integration. Find out more about our scholarships here.

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