Studying at IPC

Q: Are there any exams at IPC?

A: No. The Danish Folk High School system is not based on exams. The philosophy is that learning at IPC is a total experience that cannot be measured through traditional exam methods. Active participation, however, is the important factor and the IPC certificate, awarded at the end of each Term, reflects this focus.

Q: Can I sign up for my favourite classes prior to my arrival at the school?

A: It is not possible to sign up for certain classes prior to your arrival. You put together your own personal timetable and thereby make you choice of classes within the first week of you stay at IPC. Read more about the subjects and classes, and a sample timetable here

Q: What is the teaching language at IPC?


Q: Do I need any Danish language skills as a student at IPC?

A: No, but you are required to have a basic understanding of English prior to your admission to IPC.

Q: No exams? No grades? Will I learn anything useful at IPC?

A: Yes, most definitely! But what you get out of your stay at IPC is very much up to yourself. For most students, IPC will be a lifechanging experience. They will gain friends for life and knowledge that cannot be measured or easily accounted for. Have a look at what previous students have said about IPC, here.

Q: How do I apply to become a student at IPC?

A: Just quite simply follow the instructions here.

Q: I still don’t get it, what is a Folk High School?

A: Don’t worry, you are not the only one who just can’t seem to get it! It’s also quite inexplicable. Folk High Schools have a long history in Denmark, they in fact date more than 150 years back. The schools were meant to be an enlightenment project for everyone, not just the rich, the privileged or those fortunate enough to come from well educated families. Enlightenment is much like the light itself, it is a gift for everyone! That also means that Folk High Schools are about learning for the joy of learning, not because you have to or because you need to pass an exam at the end of the term. NO! You go to a Folk High School to learn how to love to learn. Read more about the Folk High Schools here.

Q: I can’t make it to IPC at the beginning of the term, can I start halfway through?

A: Yes. IPC has an option of half or full terms. You just have to be aware that starting halfway through the term might result in some of the classes and courses having been completed, and some are half-way through. So it will take a little effort to settle into the study program and find the best fit for your study needs. You won’t be alone in this. You will usually be one of a group of newcomers. The other good thing is that the students already in IPC, are really keen to welcome new people and are curious about who you are and what you’ve been doing.

Q: What kind of students come to study at IPC?

A: People from all walks of life and all parts of the globe study at IPC. Usually they are young people, age 18-28, wanting to find fresh ways to explore and be open to the many global issues in the world today. Many are seeking an international experience and want to learn how to live alongside people of different cultural backgrounds. IPC also receives an annual contingent of students whose parents or grandparents come from Denmark or Scandinavia.

Q: Am I allowed to travel while studying at IPC?

A: Studying at The International People’s College is a fulltime study program where active participation is a requirement. You are only allowed to travel if this does not affect your ability to attend your classes. In cases of serious illness in your family or activities important to your future education or work a special permission for leave can be granted by the principal, but only if your reasons are thoroughly documented.

International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61