Connecting with IPC

DSC_0342International People’s College (IPC) is an open and dynamic educational organization, which encourages partnerships, carries out projects, welcomes visitors and tries to expand its network of individual supporters as well as organizational links.

Rent a room near Copenhagen
Whenever the capacity of the school allows, we welcome groups that want to rent parts of the campus. We can provide a small-scale conference package with accommodation, meals and meeting spaces, including basic audiovisual and training equipment. For detailed information about availability and prices, please contact our office at

IPC has a tradition of connecting with likeminded individuals and organizations. Currently we are cooperating with the local branches of Lions Club, Rotary Club, Amnesty International and Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke/ActionAid Denmark. Some of our partners donate funds that support our scholarship program, others contribute with their expertise to our teaching by participating in theme days or by welcoming IPC students as visitors in their organizations. Some of our partners inspire us in designing long term strategies for our learning programs and some partners from abroad assist IPC in organizing study trips. International People’s College is currently represented in the National Council of ActionAid Denmark (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke).

If you or your organization would like to explore the possibilities of mutually beneficial cooperation, please contact Claus Staal at

Whenever there are human resources available and IPC encounters a call for proposals that fits into its conceptual framework, we are eager to organize or take part in relevant projects. In this way, IPC organized a Study Visit for Educational Specialists titled: Raising Global Citizens – Lifelong Learning Path to Global Competences in May 2011, a Grundtvig Workshop titled: At a Crossroads – Acquiring Competencies to Take a Useful Break in Life or to Change its Direction in June 2011.

In Spring Term 2012 a group of IPC students submitted a succesful application for a project under the Youth in Action Programme, action 1.2 – Youth Initiatives. The final project, “Living Library”, was nothing less than a massive success and is still a current project at IPC and North Sealand.

Do you know of any project that will be of interest for IPC, please contact Claus Staal at

Vacancies, Internships, Assistantships, Volunteering
As an internationally active organization, IPC engages staff from around the world, as well as creates opportunities for interns, assistants and volunteers. IPC Alumni association is a volunteer organization gathering former students. The IPC Ambassador network is a joint effort of the school and its Alumni, establishing local representations of IPC in all parts of the world. Friends of IPC is an independent organization whose aim is to raise funds for the IPC scholarship program.

Currently there are no vacancies.

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