IPC Global Citizen Scholarship

In 2010 International People’s College initiated a programme called “IPC Global Citizen”. It was an attempt at promoting the idea of Danish Folk High Schools in general and International People’s College in particular, to a group of people who would never be able to attend the school without substantial financial support. In order to promote intercultural dialogue as a means to local, regional and ultimately global empowerment, the “IPC Global Citizen Scholarship” is granted to a  highly qualified and motivated student once a year!

The “IPC Global Citizen Scholarship” is the only FULL SCHOLARSHIP available at International People’s College. The scholarship itself is made available by the Friends of IPC, and will cover the FULL TUITION FEE for an entire term (The scholarship does NOT include plane tickets, etc.)

Each year a call will be made for application from a specifically designated region.

Previous IPC Global Citizen Scholarships have been granted to:
Autumn Term 2010 Cleber Kemper, Brazil
Autumn Term 2011 Happy Harefa, Indonesia
Spring Term 2012 Hafiz Gbabillana, Ghana
Autumn Term 2012 Saif Ullah, Pakistan
Autumn Term 2012 Deborah Lucero, Mexico
Spring Term 2013 Henry Kiarie Irungu, Kenya
Spring Term 2014  Laraine dela Torre, Philippines
Spring Term 2014  Garbiel P. Brigante, Brazil
Spring Term 2015  Asser Alouan Cardoso, Brazil

The ideal candidate for this programme can document active involvement in civil society, testify to a proven need for support and a well-defined motivation to experience the non-formal residential adult learning environment of IPC, followed by dissemination in home country.
All applications handed in before deadline will be taken into consideration by our selection committee at International People’s College. All applicants will be notified personally by the selection committee.

International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61