IPC Global Day

Date: May 5th and October 5th (every year!!)

IPC Global Day is an occasion for the global IPC community members to join in a celebration of what IPC stands for, what IPC has meant to each and every one personally, to remember their time in Denmark, to reconnect with their fellow IPCerDSC_0508s, to kiss the boy/girlfriend they got at IPC, to spread the IPC idea by dedicating their FB status to IPC or by talking to their friends about the possibility of coming to the school, to come up with ideas and initiatives to be carried out at/by IPC – simply, to make the IPC energy flow around the globe!

We encourage everyone to get into contact with their fellow IPC’ers living close by to connect, to celebrate and re-live the best moments from their time at International People’s College.

Is one day of celebrating diversity with former students and friends from all corners of tDSC_1031he world not enough? Why not immerse yourself into a week of mad celebration of the IPC spirit while learning something new, every day in every way!? Join IPC Summer Camp!

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