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Former IPC students and others who want to support IPC have many different possibilities to engage with IPC!

If organizational life appeals to you, you may want to consider one of the three following options. The most obvious choice is to join the IPC Alumni, an independent organization whose aim among others is to connect former IPC students among themselves via a network of Alumni Ambassadors. Former students from Denmark or nearby countries may want to consider running for election in the IPC School Council, the highest IPC authority, which determines the general direction in which IPC is to move in the future. Another possibility is to join the Friends of IPC, an independent organization whose purpose is to support diversity and global citizenship at IPC via raising external funds for scholarships for applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If you want to relive the IPC spirit and have the time and means to come back to IPC, there are two annual events you are cordially invited for. It is the IPC Global Week, which is co-organized by IPC Alumni and the school. You can apply either to be a part of the volunteer team preparing the Global Week or you can join as a participant. The second yearly event is the Reunion Weekend typically taking place at the end of September at IPC. The Reunion Weekend is also co-organized by IPC Alumni who hold their annual general assembly during the otherwise very playful weekend full of fun activities, a big party and interaction across terms and countries of origin.

Last but not least, if IPC is present in your heart but for whichever reason you are unable to actively engage with the school in any of the above mentioned ways, you are invited and encouraged to join in a virtual celebration of the IPC Global Day, which is declared twice a year, on May 5h and on October 5th.

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