What is a Folk High School?

What is it like to study in a Danish Folk High School? Just like some of the most important things in life, such as love and happiness are inexplicable, so is the Folk High School experience. While one person might gain communicative skills from their stay at a Folk High School, another person might become vegetarian, the next person will find a passion for defending human rights, and some will even meet the love of their life at the school. The only true rule at a Folk High School is to keep an open mind! Your greatest discovery will probably not be what you came here looking for.

If you have turned 17,5 you can enter a Folk High School in Denmark. You do not need to have a certain agenda or a specific degree – just the desire to learn! The students at Folk High Schools are very different in age, culture, and general background. The aim is to open your eyes to the diversity of life and to encourage choosing the life that makes you happy!

Folk High Schools offer various classes and subjects. Some schools are focused on journalism, some on art, and others on music. The general idea is that learning must be fun and encouraging.

In Denmark you will mind more than 75 Folk High Schools, nowhere in the world have Folk High Schools flourished as here. However, International People’s College is the only international Folk High School with students from all over the world and where all classes are taught in English. Furthermore there are no other Folk High Schools focusing on international studies and globalism. Click here to see what subjects & classes you can choose at IPC.

All students live at the school. The weekdays are spend studying subjects which the students choose themselves, the evenings are spend watching movies, preparing food, doing sports etc., and the weekends are spend on excursions or whatever the students choose to do. Click here to see some examples of timetables and activities at IPC.

All meals are shared, which also includes the preparing, the washing up, and the cleaning. The aim is to create a community where everybody is responsible, not only for the school, but also for each other.

So what is a Folk High School? A unique place in the world, where learning is central; Not only academically speaking but also learning about other people and their lives – learning about yourself and your wishes in life!

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