Organizational Structure

International People’s College is a private enterprise but subject to the laws of the Free Schools in Denmark, which means that we benefit from a government regulated support and financial aid.

As a reflection of the very nature of the Free School System (Non-formal Educational System) the International People’s College is a democratic organization – everybody has a voice and everybody’s opinion is being invited and appreciated.

We believe in the strengths of a flat organizational structure bound together by a spirit of democratic consultation that promotes dialogue, intercommunication, and a willingness to see opportunities for new solutions rather than problems.

The diagram below outlines the flow of communication as well as decision making at the International People’s College.

Get a closer look at the members of the School Board here.




For more information about the resources of IPC:

Download our bylaws (vedtægter) here.

Download our yearly plans (årsplan) as they have been ratified by the Ministry of Culture here.

Download the IPC Strategy here.

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