Core Values

IPC bases its philosophy, work and daily life on the following six core values of equal importance:

CMYK básicoRespect and Openness
Today people are exposed to a variety of cultures, views, and opinions different from their own. IPC encourages curiosity and exploration of alternative views to promote knowledge and understanding hence challenging established positions. Eventually the aim is to stimulate reflection and enhanced self-awareness thereby appreciating one’s own origin and history.


CMYK básicoGender Equality
Equality between women and men is a necessary prerequisite for sustainable development which will enable citizens realise their full potential while enjoying equal rights. Equality does not imply that we are all the same but that individually and collectively we can enjoy similar opportunities not being constrained by traditions and stereotypes which confine men and women to separate and distinct roles.


CMYK básico

Democratic Consultation
Learning and understanding require involvement and participation. This concerns classroom activities as well as the overall IPC management. The school practice should demonstrate the fundamental value as well as the everyday practicality of consultation, involvement and empowerment.


CMYK básicoRespect for Life and Non-Violence
Diversity and differences are unavoidable in today’s complex world, yet IPC believes that any exchange, collaboration and confrontation must take its departure in a fundamental respect for human life and dignity, promoting non-violent approaches to conflict resolution and peaceful coexistence.


CMYK básicoPromotion of Community and Social Responsibility
Learning and reflection as promoted by IPC are seen as the outcome of combined individual and collective efforts whereby students reflect and work together to gain new insights and broaden their understanding. In turn this serves to instil sensitivity towards the needs of others and a commitment to finding joint solutions to common challenges.


CMYK básicoSustainability
Finding common, peaceful and durable solutions to local as well as global problems requires respect for the finite nature of shared natural and human resources and the need to safeguard the interests of future generations.

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