IPC: International Education and Community

While the abbreviation IPC officially stands for International People’s College, it might as well be translated to: Idea, Place, Community – the most important components of the school.


The idea behind IPC is simple – if people from around the world come together, live and study under the same roof for the period of time, they will discover important things about themselves and the world – about life in general. Through international education they will become more tolerant, curious, aware, engaged, enthusiastic, open-minded, and creative. They will make an important step in becoming active and responsible global citizens. Ever since IPC’s foundation in 1921 it has been a place that celebrated diversity and appreciated it as a precondition for fruitful learning. Read more about the history of IPC here.

IPC is located in the charming and historical harbor town of Helsingør (Elsinore) that has about 50.000 inhabitants and is closely linked to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The campus is a complex of buildings, which provide the students with everything they need to live comfortably during their stay. They live in single or double rooms and three people share a shower and a toilet. There is a dining room where delicious meals are served three times a day and where students take part in the setting of the tables and the cleaning. The common room is the heart of the school and where students gather for news and announcements. There are other common spaces such as the big hall, lecture hall, classrooms, computer-, laundry-, bicycle-, party-, TV-, video-, and art- rooms. The whole school is covered with a wireless Internet connection. There are outdoor facilities for team sports, a large park with a lake, and a bonfire corner.

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The IPC community consists of three groups – the permanent staff members, the current group of students, and all the former students, friends and supporters of the school. The staff consists of teachers, the administration, the kitchen crew, the caretakers, and housekeepers – within each group there are people who come from other countries than Denmark. All together there are about 25 employees at IPC. The group of current students changes every spring and autumn – there are usually 60-70 students coming from around the world and who on average they are in their early twenties. Their motivation for joining IPC varies a lot – some come because of an interest in a particular aspect of Danish society and culture (design, elderly care, education), some want to improve their language skills, others are keen on discovering more about developmental and NGO work or want to develop certain personal and professional skills. Just like there is no stereotypical IPC student, there is more than one way to spend your time at IPC. What becomes true for most people after leaving IPC is the sense of belonging to a large worldwide community that connects all former students and supporters of the school.

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International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61