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International People’s College (IPC) is a traditional Danish Folk High School. In contrast to other Danish Folk High Schools, however, IPC is not focused on Denmark and Danish traditions but rather on international studies and the entire globe. Students from more than 30 different countries makes IPC a cultural melting pot, which is exactly the focus of the school – to live and learn from people and cultures from all over the world. Some schools specialize in sports, others in arts – at IPC the cultural meeting, global understanding, and international know-how are the main focus areas – We educate global minds to become active global citizens.

International Studies and Global Citizens

Global citizens are people who take responsibility for the planet, engage themselves in the world, and with others in it. With subjects like Global Challenges, Intercultural Communication, and Development Management IPC strives to create more tolerant, aware, and curious citizens of the world. To be a global citizen does not necessarily means that you have to fight for human rights or to be very advocated in politics. At IPC global citizenships means celebrating cultural diversity and always seeking to understand global differences – viewing them as possibilities for innovation and change in stead of obstacles. Most important for the global citizen is the ability to influence the world through mastery of own life. When you realize who you are by understanding what you are doing, then you will understand the interconnectedness of your actions and entire being with the actions and beings of others. Becoming aware of this condition of life in a modern and globalized world is the first step towards becoming an active Global Citizen!

At IPC we have six core values which we live by; Respect and openness, Gender equality, Democratic consultation, Respect for life and non-violence, Promotion of community and social responsibility, and Sustainability. Read more about the core values here.
The core values are present in the every aspect of life at IPC – something the students here have to respect and live by. In 1988 IPC had the great honour and privilege of being appointed an official United Nations Peace Messenger by then Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar. It is indeed a testimony of the impact and longevity of the idea of IPC founder Peter Manniche. We try, every day, to honour this tribute by encouraging peaceful co-existence at the school and beyond.

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding”

(Albert Einstein)

International People's College, Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingør, +45 49 21 33 61