Live a Cross-Cultural Experience
- Challenge your stereotypes
- See your own culture in a new light
- Learn to appreciate diversity and respect it
Make Friends from Everywhere
- Live with people from 25 different countries
- Plan your next journey around the world
- Listen to real life stories from all continents
Experience Denmark
- Explore the town of Hamlet’s castle
- Learn to appreciate Danish culture
- Experience a unique Danish educational tradition
Explore your Creativity
- Try out new ways of expression
- Overcome your shyness
- Find out what you are good at

 IPC (Den Internationale Højskole) is a Danish Folk High School with students and teachers from all over the world. We celebrate diversity, the open mind and learning as the primary tool for social change. Come play with us and the rest of the world!


Get the IPC-feeling

IPC Montebello Allé 1   3000 Helsingør   Danmark